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Nelly Oostland-Veldhuis
Achterom 98
1621 KW Hoorn


Proostensteeg 24
1621 LG Hoorn

Recently there was a visitor in my studio and she said while watching my paintings:"Oh, how beautiful. It makes me emotional, it touches me deeply.

And last week a lady came in and just said: "Benevolent"!

Every time, when somebody reacts like that, when they see my work, it gives me more inspiration to paint. And it makes me grateful for what I do.

Most of the paintings you see on the website are for sale. If not, I anounce that.
If you would like to buy a painting or a giclée, please contact me on my e-mail about the conditions.

Nelly Oostland-Veldhuis

Achterom 98 Hoorn NH

Grotere kaart weergeven

Proostensteeg 24 Hoorn NH

Grotere kaart weergeven