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04-05-2019 - Member of IWS Holland

Last week I became a member of the International Watercolour Society .

03-05-2019 - Exhibition Zürich, Switserland

At the end of August 2019, there will be an exhibition of IWS Switzerland in cooperation with Thailand. My work is selected to, together with 80 other international watercolourpainters, participate.

01-02-2018 - International Gallery

You can buy the paintings of Nelly Oostland Veldhuis on the website of Look for Artist/Gallery 26 of Nelly Oostland Veldhuis. You can always contact me on or at Facebook.

24-06-2017 - Exhibition Claire Bassler, Echassières, France

Last summer I visited an exhibition from Claire Bassler. In the Auvergne, France. Very inspiring. See the added painting I made.

21-01-2017 - Exhibition during the Art Market in Hoorn

On the first Sunday op september 2018 there is the annual art market in Hoorn. At the Achterom 98 there will be an exhibition of the art of Nelly Oostland . Everybody is wellcome from 12.00 untill 17.00 pm. A nice way to see what one can learn, in a very short time, about water painting and mixed techniques.

21-01-2017 - Ron Ranson

Last month my art teacher Ron Ranson has passed away. I remember my visits to Clanna Garden , their mansion, where I had courses in painting. My condoleances for Darlis his wife and a hug from Harry and me.

08-01-2010 - Testing H2O oil paint from Talens

In October I have been in Apeldoorn to test oil paint soluble with water. We are waiting for the new mediums, to be sold by Talens. Finally the materials and mediums are available in the shops. Next a painting made with the H2O paint named Cobra.

16-05-2007 - Exhibition in the Westfries Museum

Th exhibition in our Westfries Museum in Hoorn, because of the existence of 650 year of this town, was a huge succes. It took place from the beginning of June untill the end of July. Because of that I'll leave the pictures of my paintings of Hoorn on this website for a while.

14-11-2006 - painting with Artisan

Next to this text you see a painting, that I made with Artisan painting. It is 80 by 100 cm and painted in a mixed technique. Oil painting mixable with water and acrylic. Because of the fact that one can paint very "watery" with this paint, it approaches my passion nl: watercolourpainting.